Buy These Travel Essentials Before You Get to the Airport

Photo by Steve Doig on Unsplash

Traveling through airports can get expensive in a hurry if you aren’t prepared. As we all know, the prices on common, everyday goods are so extremely high at airports that it’s almost impossible to believe.

If you want to keep your budget for your journey in check, it’s important to go to the airport prepared. Here are some travel essentials that you should buy before you get to the airport in order to save money.


Nothing is worse than getting past airport security and remembering that you didn’t pack anything to snack on. Buying something as simple as chips at the airport can set you back a ridiculous amount of money, so it’s best to take your munchies from home onto the plane.

Reading Material

Oh, airport bookstores. If you’re desperate for entertainment during your layover or on a plane, only extreme desperation would justify paying $25 for a simple paperback book at an airport outlet. Instead, make sure you have plenty to read with you so you don’t have to pay the inflated airport prices.

Electronic Accessories

I once made the mistake of forgetting a travel charger for my iPhone on a long trans-atlantic journey. While I wish I could’ve gotten to my destination without the help of my phone, it wasn’t going to be possible. I had to spend way too much money on a simple charger that I could’ve gotten for under $10 outside of the airport. Don’t be like me!