Can Booking an Airbnb With No Reviews Really Save You Money?

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Looking for accommodation on Airbnb isn’t an easy task, and you’ll often come across many listings with no reviews. Some travelers see this as a major red flag, while others opt for these places to save some cash, but are they truly the cheapest option out there?

Cheaper Prices

Some Airbnb’s with zero reviews could be fake, but it’s more likely you’re dealing with a new listing. Their prices truly tend to be cheaper because the owners are just trying to get their foot in the door and score some good reviews that will make it easier to rent their place.

Price Compare

Airbnbs with no reviews are worth considering if they’re significantly cheaper, but you should compare prices with similar types of accommodation before booking one. If you’ll just be saving a few bucks, an apartment with zero reviews is probably not worth the risk.

Plan B

It’s all fun and games if your Airbnb is truly legit and you’ll save some cash along the way—but what if it’s not? Keep in mind you’ll then have to find a new place to stay which will most likely cost you a fortune, and decide for yourself if this is a price worth paying.