Candace Rose Rardon Combines Travel Blogging with Illustration

There’s nothing we love more than finding travel bloggers who document/blog their adventures in new, unique ways. And if those ways also include some artistic talent—we’re all the more delighted.

Such is travel writer and sketch artist Candace Rose Rardon. Describing herself as a visual storyteller, Rardon doesn’t only snap a photo of the places she visits—she sketches them out.

Traveling with a sketchbook and a set of watercolors, her impressions of the world around her are bright and vivid. Recent impressions include “The Natural Wonders of the World” series, where Rardon explores wonders such as the Grand Canyon, the harbor of Rio de Janeiro, and the Northern Lights.

A regular writer for the popular meditation app Calm, she has also worked with National Geographic and was featured in the New York Times. But according to her bio, it took her some time and effort to get to where she is today. “At the beginning, I pursued my passion for world cultures through writing,” she explains on her website. “I earned my Master’s in Travel Writing with distinction from London’s Kingston University, before writing for a variety of publications.”

Her work is a colorful celebration of the transformative power journeys might have. “Travel can change us, send us off in new directions,” writes Rardon, “and—sometimes when we least expect it—help us feel at home.”

While traveling internationally isn’t advised, nothing stops us from enjoying her illustrations in the meanwhile.