Check It Out: Germany’s Incredible Holographic Circus

In 2019, a circus in Germany became the first in the world to use holographic animals instead of real animals.

Throughout history, animals have been a staple part of circus culture. Monkeys doing tricks, people riding on elephants and impressive big cats have all been a part of a traditional circus show.

Fortunately, more and more people have decided to boycott circuses that use animals for entertainment in a bid to fight animal cruelty. Instead of ditching the animals altogether, a circus in Germany decided to swap real-life animals for holographic animals.

The idea stemmed from the founder of Circus Roncalli, Bernhard Paul. He was inspired by the use of holographic celebrities and decided to find a way to make the concept work within the circus.

With the help of 15 designers and software engineers, Paul created a circus with stunning animals created using 11 holographic projectors. The result is magical, and the best part is – Circus Roncalli is now entirely cruelty-free.

You can watch footage of the holographic circus in action below.