Check It Out: The World’s Longest Water Slide Is In Malaysia

Photo by Sadie Teper on Unsplash

A brand new water slide in Penang, Malaysia, just entered the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest water slide in the world. The slide takes four minutes to get from top to bottom and is 1.1 km long.

The slide is located in the Escape theme park and smashes the previous German record for the longest water slide at Galaxy Erding (356 meters). The park meanders through a forest and riders will plummet and loops through the treetops.

Sim Choo, the CEO of Sim Leisure Group explained: “The idea of this water slide came about over frustration that most fun rides and water slides last merely a few seconds, and having the water slide start on a hilltop at a 70-meter elevation would make this ride last a good few minutes.”

He added: “Escape embraces the philosophy of promoting eco-literacy through fun, this water slide would ride guests through the jungle down the hill and all the way to the other side of the water park.”

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