Check Out Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pennsylvania Architectural Masterpieces

Fallingwater in Pennsylvania
Photo by Yuhan Du on Unsplash

Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect who made some of the most iconic buildings of the early 20th century, has a wide portfolio of works that can still be visited throughout the globe and especially in the United States. The state of Pennsylvania is home to an especially rich collection of his best structures, and here are three that you can visit!


90 miles east of Pittsburgh in Mills Run is arguably the most famous of all of Wright’s works: Fallingwater. Built in 1939, this house was ahead of its time and incorporates the rushing water of the stream upon which it sits into its design. Interior and exterior tours are offered.

Beth Sholom Synagogue

Elkins Park outside of Philadelphia is the home of one of Wright’s last projects, the Beth Sholom Synagogue which was built and designed to evoke a modern twist on ancient temples. Designated as a National Historic Site, tours can be arranged and booked online.

Kentuck Knob

Another home located in the highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania, Kentuck Knob has a hexagon floor plan and appears to blend into the mountain itself upon which it is built. Part of Wright’s “Usonian” series, this was meant to be a model for a home that an average American could live in in the 1930s.