Check Out the Best Mobile Phones for Travel Photography

Photo by Nico Smit on Unsplash

Becoming an amateur photographer with your phone is all the rage these days while traveling. It’s easy to see why, as smartphones have become just as capable of taking stunning pictures as most DSLR cameras and are much more portable. So, what are the best phones for taking pictures while on the move? Check out this selection of mobile devices that are sure to impress.

iPhone 12 Pro

A wide camera with three lenses that is able to take high-quality, high-resolution photos in all kinds of environments is one of the best things about Apple’s newest and best device. It is incredibly good at low-light photography, making it a great choice for capturing things after sundown.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Dynamic backlit scenes are one of the biggest advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s fantastic camera. While it works well in all environments, you will be thrilled at how great pictures of you and your travel buddies come out even in backlit environments.

Google Pixel 5

While you might assume that the two lenses on the Google Pixel 5 would deliver less impressive photography results, you would be completely wrong. This device produces images whose colors pop, stunning with their ability to capture the essence of a moment.