Check Out These Montego Bay, Jamaica Spots

Photo by Brighton Pereira on Unsplash

Montego Bay is the most important city on Jamaica’s northern coast and the home of a fantastic vacation scene. Many international flights connect this city with other American and European destinations, and its cruise port is also a common stop for ships in the Caribbean. Be sure to visit these three Montego Bay spots if you are lucky enough to visit this wonderful place.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

One of the most well-known beaches in all of the island is Doctor’s Cave Beach, a stretch of white sand that blends into warm, turquoise-colored water. The hippest spot in Montego Bay, admission to this beach costs $6 per day and leads to a relaxed, non-crowded environment.

Rastafari Village

Rastafari is one of Jamaica’s strongest social movements and is even considered by some to be a religion. This belief system, based on tenants that include peaceful co-existence and harmony with the earth, is on display at this living cultural center, which invites visitors to discover their belief system.

Sam Sharpe Square

In the urban center of Montego Bay, you will find Sam Sharpe Square, one of the most beautiful and colorful spots in the city. Here, a town square including a monument to a British abolitionist is at the center of a square with brightly-colored houses, shops, and restaurants.