Check Out This Mesmerizing Timelapse Recorded From Container Ship

If you’ve always envied those who get to travel the world for a living, the video below will show you a part of their lives in the most beautiful way possible. Canadian sailor and photographer Jeffrey Tsang filmed and shared a timelapse video of a container ship as it spends a few weeks at sea.

The 10-minute long video contains around 62 image files shot in amazing-quality 4K resolution.

“After transiting Panama Canal, our ship cross the Caribbean Sea into Atlantic Ocean and arrive at New York, Savannah then Charleston. The timelapse was taken over span of 15 days, some less interesting parts were sped up or faded out (cargo work, daylight hours with no clouds). Most night shots were done on 25 second shutter speed at 30 seconds interval, with port arrivals and departures at 4~8s interval,” the video description reads.

Tsang’s Youtube channel contains many incredible videos that offer an insight into his life at sea. It’s no surprise that he has nearly half a million followers on the platform. For him, sailing the open sea is a unique and amazing experience and he wanted to bring it closer to anyone watching his videos. He also shares tips for making timelapses the way he does!