Check Out This Out-Of-This-World Beach In Greece That Looks Like The Moon

Photo by moniek58 at Pixabay

There is a beach on one of Greece’s most beautiful islands that will make you feel like you are walking on the moon.

Sarakiniko is situated on the north shore of Milos Island in Greece. Over time, the waves have eroded the white volcanic rock on the island, causing it to look like a moonscape. It is the volcanic ash that gives the rocks its unique color.

Greek locals often refer to the beach as “Lunar”. The strange, white beach is consequently one of the top photographed spots in that part of Greece and is a whole of fun to explore. The whiteness of the cliffs contrast beautifully with the turquoise blue sea, so it is unsurprising that the beach is such a hotspot for tourists and travelers.

Sarakiniko is a great spot for relaxing, swimming and taking photos. So if you’re heading to Milos Island, make sure you check out the stunning lunar beach.