Chile Will Knock You Off Your Feet With Its Breathtaking Volcanoes

Osorno Volcano in Chile
Osorno Volcano in Chile. Photo by Trevor Vannoy on Unsplash

It’s pretty much impossible to find a South American country that doesn’t have a volcano or two in store and Chile is no exception to this rule. If you’re a true adventurer exploring this beautiful country, here are three volcanoes that you should consider checking out along the way.


One of Chile’s most active volcanoes, Villarrica towers 1,575 meters above the scenic lake and town of the same name. Its snow-capped peaks are a sight to behold, but the real magic starts when you join one of the guided ascents to the top, usually taking place during the summer months.


Despite being one of the most active volcanoes of the Chilean Andes, it’s been over a century since Osorno’s last recorded eruption. This makes it an extremely popular hiking destination and its upper slopes are as breathtaking as it gets since they’re entirely covered in glaciers.


The Conguillío National Park is home to some of Chile’s biggest natural wonders including one of its largest and most active volcanoes. Llaima is instantly recognizable thanks to its towering, snow-capped summit, and you can also find hiking trails and a ski center on its western slopes.