Classical Music Cities in Europe

Love classical music and looking to include some of the stories in musical history in your next vacation? Include these destinations as part of your travel plan to see the hometowns of some of the most famous classical composers.


The German city of Leipzig is considered a pilgrimage destination for any true fan of Johann Sebastian Bach’s work. Most importantly, visitors will attend two churches where the composer worked as a music director: Thomaskirche and Nikolaikirche. The best time to go is in June when the Bach festival offers over 150 concerts, lectures, and other events.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace, Salzburg, prides itself on being the “City of Mozart” and visitors can enjoy numerous references everywhere around the city. From concerts, festivals, and Mozart tours, to Mozart ice cream, chocolates, and teddy bears, if you’re a fan of the composer’s work, you’re going to want to leave a few days to explore all that the city offers.


The Norwegian picturesque port town was once home of the composer of Peer Gynt and other beautiful pieces, Edvard Grieg. The composer’s home is a living museum, with an exhibition, a cafe, and a concert hall offering lunchtime and evening concerts to visitors. Grieg’s villa in Troldhaugen in Bergen also gave its name to one of his last pieces, “Wedding Day at Troldhaugen”, as part of his book of Lyric Pieces.