Colmar, France: the Best European Destination in 2020

The European Best Destination website makes a list of the best cities in Europe to visit every year. In 2020, the number one on the list is the French city of Colmar. Due to the current situation, you may not be able to visit it this year, but it’s worth noting and having this lovely city on the map for when you’re able to go there.

Colmar is located in the Northeast of France, close to the border with Germany. It’s a charming place you’ll enjoy visiting. Its architecture resembles fairytale villages, but there are also half-timbered homes and Alsatian tiled rooftops that complete the magic effect. One of the best times to visit is around Christmas since that’s when the whole city is decorated with lights and you can visit the amazing Christmas market.

However, Colmar is just as beautiful in spring, summer, and fall. Among the things you can explore are the wine route and the nearby villages around the city. Numerous wineries offer wine tasting. Until the time comes that we can travel again, enjoy the photos of magical Colmar!