Condiments for a Gourmet Campfire

Photo by Alexey Ruban on Unsplash

One of the best parts of camping is the campfire. Traditionally marshmallows and hot dogs are the go-to camping food. But there are gourmet meals to cook when camping that can be easy but truly nourishing after a long day of hiking or canoeing.

Kimchi is a great component to any camping meal, composed of fermented pickled cabbage often with a kick of spice and onion. For shorter camping trips, kimchi can be made prior to leaving your home, and as you are traveling you don’t have to worry about keeping the fermented cabbage and spices refrigerated.

Kimchi tastes amazing on a sausage, hot dog or veggie dog cooked over the fire. This is a great twist on a camping classic without having to bring a larger cooler. If you happen to be camping along a body of water, kimchi also tastes amazing on the side of a fire cooked trout or salmon.

If kimchi doesn’t sit right with your taste buds, a fabulous substitute is cowboy caviar. Like kimchi, this condiment can be canned in a mason jar and doesn’t need to be refrigerated for short periods of time. Cowboy caviar is composed of sweet corn, black beans, cilantro, onion, salt, vinegar and oil to taste. A perfect side dish or condiment for your fresh caught fire cooked meal!