Cool Hotels in Costa Rica

Image via hotelbelmar/Instagram

Smack dab in the middle of Central America between the Pacific and Caribbean oceans lies the beautiful country of Costa Rica. It’s a popular destination suitable for many types of tourists; its forests provide ample opportunity for hiking and other outdoor adventures, while its beaches create the perfect backdrop for travelers hoping to relax by the water.

In an effort to preserve the natural surroundings, many of the hotels in Costa Rica are designed to have a light footprint on the earth, but that doesn’t mean they’re not great places to stay. On the contrary—it makes some of them even more beautiful. Here are some of our favorites.

Hotel Belmar

Wake up in the morning to see nothing but trees, start your day with a yoga class, or have a smoothie at the juice bar at this stunning hotel nestled right in the forest.

Volcano Lodge and Hotel

Swim in hot springs or take a walk through the botanical gardens at Volcano Lodge, named after Costa Rica’s Arenal Volcano which can be seen from anywhere on the property.

Blue River Resort and Hot Springs 

Take a mud bath, walk through the butterfly garden, and be sure not to miss the breathtakingly blue rivers that this hotel is named for. Take a tour and go swimming, kayaking, or even horseback riding along the Rio Azul.