Countries Where You Don’t Have To Tip

Countries where you don't tip
Image by Peter Stanic from Pixabay

Tipping 15-20% is standard in North America and most of Europe, but there are a lot of countries around the world where tipping is not the norm. Culturally, it can even be rude to offer a tip. Here are a few countries where you don’t need to tip, to save yourself some money if you’re on a tight budget.


In Japan, the hospitality industry does not revolve around tips. Instead, good service is expected and if a tip is provided it is considered rude. The tip itself may even be handed back. The only time it is considered acceptable to tip is if you are on a tour, and even then it must be done with great discretion.

South Korea

Another Eastern Asian country that does not have a tipping culture is South Korea. If you eat out at a restaurant, your server will not expect a tip at the end. Hotels sometimes have an included gratuity if they have four or more stars.


Switzerland is a unique case. Tipping directly is not encouraged because all of the services you would normally tip for already have an included gratuity in their listed prices. For example, if you eat out, the price of a tip is in the meal price on the menu.