Countries With Specialty Visas For Digital Nomads

Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain. Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

Do you have a remote or flexible job and want to spend some time overseas? If so, then there are several countries that offer visas that will allow you to work from abroad in your current remote role, thereby providing you with a unique opportunity to travel somewhere new and work at the same time.

Cayman Islands

Through its Global Citizen Concierge, the Cayman Islands allows entrepreneurs and business owners to live and work from this island paradise beyond the restrictions of a regular work or tourist visa. By becoming a Global Corporate Citizen, you’ll be able to work remotely from the Cayman Islands while enjoying some unique tax benefits and enjoying the freedom to come and go as you please.


Through its new digital nomad visa, the Spanish government is allowing travelers to stay and work in Spain on a one-year visa which is renewable for up to five years. If you happen to have a spouse or unmarried partner, fear not, as they can apply for the same visa to come along with you.


While yet to be launched, the Canadian government is working on a visa that will allow foreign nationals to spend up to six months in Canada while working remotely. What’s more, if you’re able to find a Canada-based job while you’re there, you’ll be able to remain in the country so long as you successfully apply for a work visa.