Craft Beer Brands Beer Lovers Must Try

Craft beer
Photo by Kutan Ural on Unsplash

For beer enthusiasts seeking unique and flavorful brews, the world of craft beer is a treasure trove of delightful discoveries. Among the vast array of craft beer brands, three names stand out as must-try options for beer lovers.

Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

Based in Athens, Georgia, has gained a loyal following for its commitment to producing high-quality, balanced, and innovative beers. Known for their attention to detail, Creature Comforts offers a diverse range of styles, from hop-forward IPAs like Tropicalia to their acclaimed Belgian-style farmhouse ale, Athena. Their focus on quality ingredients and their dedication to the craft shines through in each sip.

Terrapin Beer Co.

Also hailing from Athens, Georgia, has become synonymous with creativity and experimentation. Their portfolio includes a wide variety of bold and flavorful beers, such as the Hopsecutioner IPA and the highly regarded Tart Cherry Wake-n-Bake Stout. Terrapin is known for pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing, creating unique flavor profiles that excite the palate.


A Scottish brewery with a global presence, has revolutionized the craft beer industry with its fearless approach to brewing. With an extensive lineup of beers, including their flagship Punk IPA and the indulgent and decadent Chocolate Stout, BrewDog has garnered a reputation for pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. They pride themselves on brewing beer with attitude and constantly pushing the limits of flavor and experimentation.