Devil’s Bath Is One of New Zealand’s Most Surreal Attractions

Green Devil's Bath Pool
Green Devil's Bath Pool at Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Area near Rotorua, New Zealand. Image via revoc9/Depositphotos

Most people choose to visit New Zealand to enjoy the country’s mist-covered mountains, green forests, stunning caves, and clear lakes. But the country also offers plenty of things to do and see for those who like to take the roads less traveled. The Devil’s Bath is a prime example.

Devil’s Bath

Devil’s Bath is arguably one of the most surreal things you can experience in New Zealand. With its bright green waters, this thermal lake looks like it belongs to a post-apocalyptic world rather than a country labeled as one of the most beautiful in the world. And the smell, described as similar to rotten eggs or sewers, will make you believe it’s actually a toxic waste dumped by some villainous company and not something nature created itself.


Despite its bizarre look, Devil’s Bath is actually completely natural. It gets its distinctive green color from sulfur deposits that rise from the lake’s bottom and remain floating on top.

The name and toxic look of the lake are true to its properties. The water in the lake has a temperature of 570F, while its acidic properties can burn through the skin.


Devil’s Bath is part of Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland, an active geothermal area in the Rotorua Region. It is located roughly 100 miles from Auckland, which is the country’s most populous city and a starting point for the majority of tourists visiting New Zealand.