Dine In Berlin with Food Blogger Per Meurling

With more than 95k followers on Instagram, Per Meurling has become a sort of authority on Berlin food. A Swedish food and restaurant blogger based in Berlin, Meurling treats his online platform Berlin Food Stories as a passion project dedicated to the very best restaurants in Berlin and to the people who are truly serious about great food and extraordinary dining.

“Berlin is a unique food destination with a complex culinary history,” writes Meurling on his website, “which has seen an unprecedented upswing in the last decade.”

His down-to-earth approach to food reviews will help you navigate this culinary jungle and learn the stories of the people behind the many eateries Berlin has to offer. “Think of it as an alternative to the TripAdvisors and Yelps of the world,” says Meurling, “a one-stop expert guide with detailed reviews based on passionate work and never on sponsored meals.”

According to Meurling, he doesn’t differentiate between Michelin stars and hole-in-the-wall joints, explaining that an awesome meal always comes down to the same core things: great ingredients, skilled cooking, and an extraordinary dining experience that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to tell people about it.

“A well-executed dinner is like a symphony that touches you on so many levels,” he added in an interview with Scandinavian Traveler. “Many of my best memories come from restaurants.”

And while “TripAdvisor is all very well,” says Meurling, “who can be bothered to wade through hundreds of reviews written by people with a completely different frame of reference than you? I think most people would rather have tips from someone they know they can trust.”

Let him be your trusty guide to German cuisine!