Discover 4 Most Stunning Canyons in the World

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon. Photo by Omer Nezih Gerek on Unsplash

Canyons are amazing for anyone who’s looking for an active vacation in beautiful nature. They are a great playground for hiking, climbing, paddling, and other activities. Here are some of the most gorgeous canyons you can visit.

Colca Canyon, Peru

Very remote and very deep, the Colca Canyon has a depth of 3,270 meters. It was only recognized as such around 30 years ago after some adventurers made it to the first descent of the river Colca and realized just how deep the canyon really is.

Waimea Canyon, Hawaii

Hawaii is more than tropical beaches and surf breaks. Nature is incredible throughout the island and the Waimea canyon is just one example. It’s the deepest canyon in the Pacific.

Indus Gorge, India

The photos can’t do a good job describing just how stunning this place is. The Indus Gorge has rivers Indus and Zanskar flowing through them in the most beautiful way. They are different shades of blue so their junction looks simply incredible.

The Grand Canyon, USA

This may be the first thing you think of when it comes to canyons. It’s such a popular destination that the waiting lists for the Colorado river raft are sometimes 10 years long!