Don’t Leave Argentina Without Trying These Pastries

Photo by Abby Kihano from Pexels

Foodies who are looking to pick their next travel destination would be wise to consider the South American country of Argentina. Known primarily for their excellent wines and love of grilled meat, you will also find a dizzying variety of delicious pastries throughout the country.

While you should definitely take time to drink wines from Mendoza and attend a parrillada, do not allow yourself to leave Argentina without trying these pastries!


The most famous pastry in Argentina is the delicious empanada, a treat consisting of a piece of fried dough that contains savory ingredients. Different Argentinian regions have different empanada varieties, like Córdoba’s version with veggies, beef, and potatoes and Tucuman’s version with skirt steak. Try finding the one you like most!

Bolas de Fraile

Are you looking for something on the sweet side? If so, you will love bolas de fraile, which are essentially the Argentinian version of doughnut holes. Fluffy and light, these little beauties are topped with sugar and served warm.


It would be impossible to go to Buenos Aires and not see people enjoying a mid-morning coffee and medialuna. Similar to croissants, medialunas are a snack par excellence in Argentina, containing generous doses of honey, lard, and butter.