Don’t Leave Catalonia Without Trying These Regional Specialties

Amazing food in Catalonia
Photo by Marc R. R. Dorda @doddynudo on Unsplash

Catalonia is one of the best spots on Earth if you’re a foodie, with strong regional traditions and exceptional local products and restaurants that will leave you astounded by the flavors that this northeastern Spanish area has to offer. No trip to Catalonia would be complete without sampling these three iconic dishes.


No winter or spring would be complete in Catalonia without an outdoor calçotada party in which people grill these local green onions in newspaper over a fire and then dip them in a special Romesco-like sauce. It’s Catalonian food at its best!

Arròs Negre

You might be familiar with the Valencian regional specialty of paella, but arròs negre is the more traditional Catalonian version. Made with squid ink that turns the rice black, this dish is heavy on the squid, garlic, and shrimp and is the perfect meal while sitting outside in the sun.

Pa amb Tomàquet

As simple as it might look, this delightful snack or breakfast food is a delight and something you must try while in Catalonia. Rustic bread is rubbed with small tomatoes, which break and spread their flavorful guts all over the bread. Topped after with olive oil and salt, this is another regional classic that you can’t miss.