Don’t Miss Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Tomorrow

Rio de Janeiro is home to countless amazing museums, dedicated to everything from arts and culture to science and technology, but none of them compares to Museu do Amanhã aka the Museum of Tomorrow. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t miss it for this world while exploring this Brazilian city.

Immersive Expeditions

If you have a soft spot for science museums that offer an immersive experience, this museum will knock you off your feet. It’s divided into five exhibition spaces—Cosmos, Earth, Anthropocene, Tomorrow, and Us—and each one offers a wide range of experiments and experiences that you can explore.

Futuristic Architecture

The Museum of Tomorrow will wow you before you even step inside because it’s housed in one of Brazil’s most impressive modern buildings. It was designed by the neo-futuristic architect Santiago Calatrava and it went on to become one of the symbols of modern Rio since opening its doors in 2015.

Picturesque Surroundings

The Museum of Tomorrow is located next to the waterfront at Pier Maua, and its beautiful surroundings are a part of its charm. The building itself was meant to explore the relationship between Rio and its natural environment through its innovative design.