Durable Boots for Long Hiking Trips

Photo by Amanda Sandlin on Unsplash

As a traveler, having the right footwear is akin to having a sturdy enough backpack. Since during hikes, you come across different weathers, including rainy days and even hail storms, it’s important to come well equipped.

Durable boots means you’ll have to be paying a little more than your regular rubber shoes, but don’t worry. This is a good investment since the boots we mentioned can last for almost more than 2 years (if you take very good care of them).

Blundstone’s Boots

Blundstone Footwear is an Australian-made brand that can be found in almost every city. Their chunky design is perfect for hiking through any terrain. Did we mention that their boots are waterproof? After dipping your shoes in a river – rest assured it’ll dry up in a jiffy! They also come in colors of black, gray and even washed brown for that rugged look.

Hoka Boots

Hoka’s running shoes are considered one of the best running shoes in the world. Their hiking shoes have multi-directional lugs for extreme grip to survive through any terrain. So you won’t just be hiking in comfortable shoes – they also can withstand any trek, big or small. They have men’s and women’s boots too for running, so it’s your one-stop-shop for shoes for every adventure.