Egypt’s Charming Lakes are Its Best-Hidden Secret

Burullus Lake, Egypt
Burullus Lake, Egypt. Photo by Abdullah Elhariry on Unsplash

Egypt is safely tucked away between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, so it goes without saying that it’s home to some stunning beaches, but did you know its lakes are also top of the line? Here are three charming lakes that will make you see this African country in a whole new light.

Siwa Lake

Located in the heart of Siwa Oasis, one of Egypt’s most picturesque natural wonders, this salt lake offers a truly unique experience. Due to its close proximity to a salt mine, Siwa Lake contains a huge amount of salt and you don’t have to be a pro swimmer to fully enjoy it.

Lake Burullus

Lake Burullus is Egypt’s second-largest lake and it’s not really a popular tourist attraction. It’s better known for its natural beauty, including salt swamps, many species of fishes and birds that inhabit it, and the historical settlement Paralus, which lies underneath it.

Lake Nasser

One of the largest man-made lakes not just in Egypt, but in the entire world, Lake Nasser is located on the Nile River between Egypt and Sudan. Boat safaris and sightseeing cruises are pretty popular in this area, and the visit to the Abu Simbel Temple is a reason enough to join them.