European Cities Where You Can Rent a Dorm Room for €5 Or Less

Image by gery moser from Pixabay

Limited budget shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world, especially since some of Europe’s most beautiful cities offer extremely cheap hostel rooms. Here’s a couple of amazing tourist destinations you can visit without breaking the bank.

Odessa, Ukraine

This charming Ukrainian city is located on the northwestern shore of the Black Sea, and everything’s so cheap you’ll never want to leave.

Moscow, Russia

Visiting Russian capital is probably already on your bucket list, and you can actually do it without breaking the bank since dorm rooms come very cheap.

Poznan, Poland

If you’re in the mood to explore old historical cities around Europe, this charming city in Poland is a good place to start, since it’s home to many amazing tourist attractions.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Here comes another Russian city we all want to visit at least once, where you can come across affordable dorm rooms costing only €5.