Extreme Traveling: a Guide to Volcano Boarding In Central America

Chimaltenango, Guatemala.
Chimaltenango, Guatemala. Photo by Gary Saldana on Unsplash

Sliding down an active volcano isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. If your motto is “the more thrilling the better”, however, the term “volcano boarding” is probably music to your ears. Here’s the lowdown.

What Is Volcano Boarding?

In short, volcano boarding is an extreme sport performed on volcano slopes. Also known as “volcanog” the sport involves hiking up a volcano then sliding down the slope on a metal board.

Where Can I Try It?

The most popular slope is the Cerro Negro in Western Nicaragua. You can also try it on Mt. Yasue in Vanuatu.

Is It Safe?

There are many risk factors associated with volcano boarding. It is therefore essential that protective gear and goggles are worn. Research the company offering the sport to make sure it is reputable. They will do everything in their power to keep you safe.

What’s It Like?

Thrilling. Volcano boarding is considered to be of the most extreme activities the inexperienced thrill-seeker can try. You’ll race down the side of the volcano at speeds as fast as 45 mph. It’s slightly insane but extremely fun.