Fans of Art Nouveau Architecture Will Feel at Home in Wrocław, Poland

Colorful houses in Wroclaw, Poland
Photo by Reiseuhu on Unsplash

Gothic and Baroque buildings can be found all across Wrocław, but these aren’t the only architectural styles present in this Polish city. Fans of Art Nouveau will feel right at home during their visit, and these beautiful buildings should be on their travel itinerary.

Wrocław Market Hall

Wrocław’s Market Hall is one of the city’s top attractions that will give you a local feel, but that’s not the only reason to visit it. Its beautiful building with vibrant red walls is a sight to behold both inside and out, and it’s the best example of Art Nouveau architecture in the entire city.

Faculty of Architecture

If you love architecture so much that you decided to check out Wrocław’s Faculty of Architecture during your visit, you won’t be disappointed by the building it’s housed in. This dreamy structure looks straight out of a fairy tale, especially thanks to the lush greenery around it.

Zwierzyniecki Bridge

Several stunning bridges are scattered across Wrocław, but none of them capture the essence of Art Nouveau better than this one. Zwierzyniecki Bridge consists of two parallel-braced rib steel arches and features red sandstone obelisk figures.