Faroe Islands: A Place To Slow Down In

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

These tiny groups of green scattered islands, which are part of Denmark, are called the Faroe Islands. The main languages spoken there are Faroese and Danish.

The lands are inhabited by many species of birds, including seabirds and even gulls. With a small group of people living on the island of 50,322 – you can be sure that nature is still well preserved and taken care of.

Enjoy Nature

The nature in Faroe Islands is incredibly well preserved, so when you step on the islands, you’ll feel like you’re in an episode of National Geographic. Not only will you see lush hillsides, but the mountain views are absolutely breathtaking. The stillness of a mountain will put you in awe and make you gawk at the impeccable sight for hours on end.

Long Orange Sunsets

Sunsets are always a good idea to check out in every country you visit. The view at sunset at the Faroe Islands is something out of a movie. The sun descends behind large mountains, casting shadows to highlight the creases and folds of the hills and roads.

Birds Everywhere!

If you’re keen on bird watching – make sure to bring a sturdy set of binoculars. With around 300 species of birds flocking around the Faroe Islands, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for them. Make sure to watch them when they’re migrating!