Flight Canceled? Here’s What to Do

Flight information display system at the airport
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Have you had your flight canceled? In the time of the pandemic, it’s happening really often and when it does, it can totally ruin your vacation plans. Not only is it expensive, but it’s also stressful. It’s one thing if your flight gets canceled in advance, but when it happens at the airport, it’s a whole other situation. So what should you do if your flight gets canceled at the airport?

Get in Line ASAP

As soon as you hear your flight is canceled, go ahead and sit near the gate agent, just in case something changes. If you’re close by you’re more likely to get rebooked first.

Call Customer Service While in Line

There’s a chance you’ll get a customer service agent on the phone before an in-person agent can help you, so call while you’re waiting in line.

Call Customer Service in Another Country

If you’re experiencing a long wait time over the phone, lookup customer service in another country and try that.

Research Other Flights

Start researching other flights on your phone so you can suggest a new one to the booking agent. This will help you get the next flight quickly.