Foods You Have to Eat on Your Eurotrip

Photo by patrick le on Unsplash

If you’re doing a trip around Europe after you graduate high school or college—or just because—there are definitely some things that you’ll have to make sure you eat while you’re there. Here are just a few.

Fondue in Switzerland

The Swiss are known for their cheese for a reason, and it’s the same reason why their fondue is so good. They invented it, after all. Get a gooey pot of melty cheese to dip bread, fruit, and vegetables into to share with some friends. A glass of white wine on the side will make the experience just sublime.

Waffles in Belgium

If you’re looking for another authentic local food experience but in a more portable and affordable fashion, you’ve got to get some Belgian waffles in Belgium. You can get them to go and with a variety of delectable toppings piled on top.

Fried Herring in Sweden

Okay, this one is a little less universally-loved but it’s still worth giving a shot. Fried herring is one of Sweden’s most popular street foods, often served with cucumber and red onions on hard bread. It can be a bit more of an acquired taste but, hey, when in Rome (or Stockholm)!