Four Corners Monument: Stand in 4 U.S. States at Once

Four Corners Monument
Four Corners Monument. Image via SharpShooter/Depositphotos

If you look at a map of the United States, you might notice something interesting. There are actually four states that connect in such a way that you can stand in each of them at the same time.

The four states are Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, and their borders intersect in a concise X-shape form that creates a near-perfect 90-degree angle for each state’s corner.

Tourist Hotspot

In fact, the unique nature of this intersection is what landed the location its nickname: Four Corners Monument. Although it’s considered to be a landmark of Colorado, the obvious joke is that you can get there just as easily from any of the other three states.

Over the years, Four Corners Monument has emerged as a hotspot for tourists to take photos at, posting snapshots to their Instagram for some lovely bragging rights.

A Unique History

Historically, the Southern region of the area actually used to be part of Mexico, until it was acquired by North America after the 1848 Mexican-American war. In 1912, a bronze marker was added to the location, noting its uniquely uniform nature.

So if you were wondering whether you can be in four places at once, the answer is yes! But you obviously have to take a picture to prove it.