Freelancers Who’ll Motivate You To Try the Nomad Life

In this technological age, Millennials are drawn to following inspiring people on Instagram or Snapchat. Sometimes it’s nice to scroll through people’s adventures to gain a sense of perspective and even some travel tips. Living the nomad life takes a lot of guts and it isn’t easy – these influencers have proved that hard work takes patience and a strong vision.

Julien from nomadicjulien

Julien is a digital nomad hailing from Canada. He also makes YouTube videos on top of his Instagram posts. He visits unique places around the world, such as Transylvania and Qatar, with a limited amount of belongings. His lifestyle is truly an inspiration for digital nomads everywhere.

Prerna & Harsh from wandershub

This Indian power duo is traveling the world together and making a bang on social media with their pictures. They also have a YouTube channel that encourages their followers to be fearless and take risks. They seem like a lovely couple with big dreams, and they’re truly living the life with their stories on social media. Way to go guys!

Nik Lashley from trulynomad

Nik doesn’t spend too much time on Instagram posting about her life, so you won’t be seeing where she is on a regular basis. It might be because she’s busy writing books and traveling between the UK and the Caribbean. She recently published a book for digital nomads who aim to live in the Caribbean. She’s the perfect exemplification of an empowered and independent woman.