Fun Things To Do On Margaret Island, Budapest

Margaret Island, Budapest
Margaret Island, Budapest. Photo by Linda Gerbec on Unsplash

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the most charming capital cities in the world with fascinating architecture and rich history. If you ever get the chance to travel to this city don’t miss out on visiting Margaret Island. Here are a few amazing things that you can experience on this island.

Climb The Water Tower

Margaret Island’s water tower is an iconic landmark on this island that is definitely a must-visit. You can also climb the tower at an affordable price and enjoy a spectacular view of Margaret Island and Budapest.

Rent a Funky Vehicle

Walking around the entire island takes around an hour or hour and a half, but in case you’re not in the mood for walking, there are plenty of other options. On Margaret Island, you can rent a bike or other funky vehicles like pedal go-kart and e-scooter, which can turn into a real adventure.

Visit Thermal Baths

Budapest is famous for its thermal baths and one of them is actually located on Margaret Island. Palatinus Strand is an open-air bath that has a lot to offer, including 11 pools and water slides, and it was actually named one of the best outdoor swimming pools in the world.