Go City Passes Offer Amazing Discounts on Major Tourist Attractions Around the World

London Bridge, London, United Kingdom
Photo by Dave Xu on Unsplash

From museums and scenic viewpoints to boat tours and tasting experiences, many popular tourist attractions don’t come cheap. If you’re looking for a way to explore them in a budget-friendly way possible, Go City passes are just the thing you’re looking for.

Go City all-inclusive passes are available in over 30 cities around the world, including Europe, Asia, and the US. Their offer now includes such destinations as New York, Barcelona, and Hong Kong, and it’s constantly expanding and adding new major attractions to the mix.

The main idea behind Go City passes is to pay once for a wide variety of tourist attractions, that you can explore over the course of one or several days. The pass prices vary depending on the destination, but they’ll all save you up to 50% if you use them to their full capacity.

Go City passes basically function as museum cards, but they offer a wider variety of attractions. In addition to museums, you’ll find everything from magic shows and boat tours to action-packed adventures like jet-skiing and zip-lining on their travel itinerary.

Even though they can save you a fortune, Go City passes don’t come cheap, and you should be careful before buying one. Your days will have to be packed with activities to use your card to its full capacity, so plan accordingly before making this investment.