Grindelwald in Switzerland is a Winter Wonderland

Image by Gitti Lohr from Pixabay

High up in the Bernese Alps lies a village called Grindelwald in Switzerland. This winter wonderland is a great place for snow sports, including skiing and snowboarding.

The Swiss Alps are a majestic place with picturesque trails and ice crested mountain peaks. For people who love the thrill of hiking – then this heaven is for you.

Visit Jungfraujoch

The travel to Jungfraujoch will make you feel like you’re on the set of a Christopher Nolan movie. The railway was built in 1912, and it still functions at its prime today. To witness an amazing view of “The Top of Europe,” make sure to book a train ride in this region.

Check Out Bachalpsee

This mountain is about 2,265 meters tall and gives you clear views of crystal clear blue waters of an Alpine lake. It’s home to grassy mountain sides and makes for the perfect picture to take back home to your family. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time to when cows grazed the pastures and life was simple and untouched.