Guatemala’s Natural Wonders Have To Be Seen To Be Believed

Santa Lucía, Guatemala
Santa Lucía, Guatemala. Photo by Andres Ch Mendez on Unsplash

Like many countries in Central America, Guatemala is best known for its boundless natural beauty. You’ll stumble upon many tiny wonders while exploring it, and here are three that will knock you off your feet.


Guatemala is a heaven on Earth for adventure-seekers since it’s home to quite a few volcanoes. From Acatenango to San Pedro, the list of volcanoes you’ll find here goes on and on and on, but Pacaya is probably the most popular one, despite its well-recorded history of activity in the past few decades.

Semuc Champey

If we had to pick the most popular tourist attraction in Guatemala that isn’t a volcano, Semuc Champey would make the cut. This lush, tropical park is truly a sight to behold, and it offers everything from turquoise pools, numerous caves, jungle hikes, and lookouts with sweeping views of its forested surroundings.

Rio Dulce

Rio Dulce AKA Sweet River is one of the most popular cruising destinations, not just in Guatemala, but in the world at large. It will win you over with its crystal clear waters, which are linked to the nearby Lake Izabal, and run alongside many breathtaking spots, including the enormous canyon at the mouth of the river.