Here are Some Great Tips for Short Flights

Short flight tips
Photo by Hanson Lu on Unsplash

Most of the time, when you look up tips for flying, you’ll find suggestions for long-haul flights. Admittedly, these are the most challenging type of flight, and it’s great that so many people offer tips for them! But what about if you have a short flight, like one that’s only an hour or two long? How should you approach those? Thankfully, we’re here with answers.

Bring Your Own Food

One of the main differences between long flights and short flights is that you won’t be fed a meal during a short flight. But if you still anticipate being hungry, go ahead and bring your own food.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

On a similar note, if you’re used to long-haul flights, you probably expect all of your flights to have a personal entertainment system on the back of the seat in front of you. This isn’t the case for short flights, though, so if you want to stay entertained on board, go ahead and plan to bring your own entertainment, whatever it may be.

Come Early

Just because the flight itself is short doesn’t mean that the check-in process will go by any faster than it would for a longer flight. SO remember to plan to arrive at the airport early enough to have enough time for check-in and security.