Here is Why You Should Consider Visiting Gibraltar

Gibraltar. Photo by Michal Mrozek on Unsplash

We can’t blame you if you haven’t considered visiting Gibraltar until now. After all, this British Overseas Territory, which has a total area of 2.6 square miles, isn’t considered a premier travel destination in Europe. However, that is a shame since Gibraltar has much to offer to its visitors. Check out some of the reasons why you should consider it for your next trip.

Great Beaches

One thing most visitors get surprised by in Gibraltar is its beaches. Despite having a rather small area, Gibraltar actually has 7.5 miles of shoreline and plenty of awesome places to enjoy sunbathing and water activities.

Intriguing Tourist Attractions

There are plenty of intriguing tourist attractions to check out in Gibraltar. Whether you want to enjoy panoramic views and nature reserves or explore museums and castles, you won’t have trouble finding something to keep you occupied.

Barbary Macaques

Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where you can see monkeys in the wild. Hundreds of Barbary macaques live in the area and have become a popular tourist attraction due to their friendly attitude towards humans and playful behavior. Interacting with monkeys is allowed in certain areas, but feeding them is strictly forbidden.

Awesome Food

Foodies will love it in Gibraltar. Due to British influence, you can find all of the staples of British cuisine, like fish and chips. Its proximity to Spain also resulted in Spanish food being quite popular all around. One thing is for sure—your meals will be anything but ordinary.