Here’s How to Eat Healthily at Hotel Breakfast Buffets

5 tips for healthy eating at hotel breakfast buffets.
Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

One of our favorite parts of vacationing is the hotel breakfasts. Each morning we look forward to starting our day with the breakfast buffet which always has tons of varieties of food with everything from fresh fruits to an assortment of baked goods. But if you’re trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle, all of the choices can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know which foods should be on your plate. Here are five tips for eating better at hotel breakfast buffets.

Limit Your Salt Intake

Avoid the bacon and sausage at buffets because they are filled with sodium, which will make you super thirsty throughout the day. You don’t want to be drinking a ton of water and needing to use the bathroom constantly while exploring a new city.

Avoid Sugary Cereals

Sugary cereals are super tempting, but they’ll give you a sugar crash, which is the last thing you want when traveling. If you can’t live without cereal for breakfast, opt for non-sugary ones like Cheerios or Corn Flakes, and be sure to get some protein with your meal.

Get an Omelette

Hotels with omelette stations are the best, so be sure to take advantage of them if your hotel has one. Omelets are rich in protein, so you’ll be full for longer.

Eat Fruit First

Start your meal with a bowl of fruit, which has tons of fiber that will fill you up and will prevent you from overeating. You should also grab a piece of fruit for the road for a healthy snack later in the day.

Sit Away from the Buffet

The further you sit from the buffet, the less likely you are to overeat, so sit far away from the food table to avoid getting overstuffed.