Here’s Why You Should Check Out Phillip Island While in Melbourne

Phillip Island, Australia
Phillip Island, Australia. Photo by Wee Ping Khoo on Unsplash

Melbourne is one of Australia’s must-see cities, and there are many amazing day-trip destinations in its close proximity. Phillip Island is one of the very best, and here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss it for the world while in Melbourne.

Go Surfing

Beautiful beaches are scattered all around Phillip Island, and they offer a wide range of different activities. If relaxing and soaking up the sun simply isn’t your thing, you can explore a wide range of water sports, starting with surfing since this island offers amazing surfing conditions.

Penguin Parade

Most people coming to Phillip Island are here for the famous penguin parade. This island is home to the colony of little penguins, and it’s truly amazing to see them walk on the beach at sunset.

The Nobbies Centre

Speaking of little penguins, you can also observe them at the Nobbies Centre, but that’s not the only amazing attraction you’ll find here. It’s also home to a scenic boardwalk, Antarctic museum, and Australia’s largest colony of fur seals.

Amazing Wildlife

Little penguins and fur seals aren’t the only adorable animals you’ll get to see here. The Phillip Island Nature Park is also home to many native animals, such as koalas and kangaroos, roaming freely in their natural habitat.