How Not to Fall for Scams When Traveling

Let’s be real, people like to take advantage of tourists. Some people stick to just overcharging for tours and food, but others take things so far as to be scams. It’s a reality of traveling, but as long as you’re smart, you can avoid it. Here’s how.

Beware of People Offering Help

If a stranger approaches you on the street and offers you help in the form of advice, invitations, or discounts, they’re probably scamming you. Your best bet is to only accept help from official employees of places you visit.

Do the Math

It’s easy to get scammed if you never add up your total, calculate your tip, or look at your receipts—and that’s exactly what scammers are counting on you doing. So always take the extra time to take a careful look at your bills and receipts before paying.

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Dreaming of a new travel destination? Even though the number of travelers went down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, #FTC has received over 5,000 travel-related fraud complaints. Scammers found a way to ruin your trip even before you get on board. Find a list of the most common online travel scams is 2020 and watch out! Fake Airline Agents Want to change or cancel your reservation due to new restrictions? Scammers post their phone numbers pretending to be official airline representatives and assure you that you are eligible for future travel credit, but not a refund. After sharing your reservation details your reservation more likely will be canceled and the electronic travel certificates will be issued to the fraudsters. If you want to make any changes in your reservation, make sure you are using the number or the email address mentioned in your tickets or the company’s official website. Fake Travel Insurance Policies Booking a trip during pandemics is a bit risky, so the majority of travelers are looking for the most advanced travel insurance. To purchase an insurance that will cover your expenses on a trip no matter what, you need to buy a plan with a ‘cancel for any reason’ upgrade. Also, keep in mind that this upgrade is normally quite pricy and could be purchased maximum within two or free weeks after booking your trip. Make sure that you are buying a policy directly from a licensed company and stay away from the companies offering cancel for any reason coverage for no extra cost. Learn more about COVID-19 travel insurance and make sure you always fully read the policy before buying. Vacation Rental Discounts Don’t agree on transferring money directly to the owner even if he offers a huge discount on your reservation. Stick to proven booking services and avoid any wire transfers. Once you wire your money, the owner has no liability and might just disappear. #onlinetrading #binary #binaryoptions #broker #firm #money #chargebacks #fundrecovery #privatebanking #consult #chargeback #fundrecovery #moneyback #refund #refunds #crypto #bitcoin #tradingonline #onlinescams #scams #forexscams #tradingscams #DatingScam #petscam #travelscam #airlinescams

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Be Wary of Distractions

If something on the street happens that draws your attention—somebody falling over and loudly yelling, a fight breaking out, or a child asking you for money or to sign a petition—it’s likely just an attempt to distract you while somebody looks for an open pocket or a bag to grab. Be extra vigilant whenever a situation like this comes up.