How to Afford a Stay in a Foreign Country You Can’t Leave

Photo by Lewis Parsons on Unsplash

With coronavirus looming over us and borders being closed around the world, many travelers are finding themselves stuck in foreign countries they can’t leave. Affording a stay in these faraway places may seem like a mission impossible, but here’s a couple of ideas to help you get through it.

Contact Your Embassy

The first step you should take when it becomes obvious you’ve got nowhere to go is contacting your embassy. See if they come up with any solutions to arrange a safe journey home for their citizens, or accommodate you while you’re waiting to go back home.

Reach Out

If you can’t afford a place to stay while being stuck in a foreign country, reach out to people who may help you. Your friends and family may know someone who knows someone in the city you’re staying in, but social media groups are also an option.

Work Remotely

Finding work in the midst of a global health crisis isn’t easy, but you can give it a shot. Sign up for one of the websites for freelancers, try selling some of your travel photos, or even consider starting a crowdfunding campaign.