How to Be a Tourist In Your Own City

Image via Steven Lewis on Unsplash

Have you just come home from a trip around the world, but the traveling bug is still there? Don’t worry, you can still have your wanderlust, but this time by being a tourist in your own city.

Revisit The Local Museums

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you have been to your local museums? We assume it’s been a long time ago. So why not give them a visit? There are always new and exciting exhibitions worth seeing. So, next stop: your local museum.

Historical Buildings

You have passed by that old-school-looking building a million times, but what can you say about it? Do you know its history? When was it built, or by who? Do a little research. You will be surprised with all the info you can learn.

Churches, Temples, Synagogues

An old church is always a good place to see. Have you ever been to your local synagogue? What do you know about its history?

Famous Streets

Who was the person whose name bears the biggest and most famous street in your city? Check it out, and play tourist for one day. For example, revisit your favorite shops and boutiques.