How to Creatively Document Your Travels

Travel journal
Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

Finding fun and unique ways to document your travels helps keep track of all your adventures, share them with your loved ones and relive them again after many years. Check out a few creative ways to document your travels.

A Scratch-Off Map

Maps are always the simplest way to keep track of all the places that you’ve visited so far. Scratch-off maps are perfect for avid travelers who want to document travels and they’re also very decorative.

Blog Post

Travelers who also like to write should definitely think about writing a blog because this is a great way to record your travels and write down every single detail that made your trips memorable.

Buy Postcards

Postcards are not as popular as before, which is a huge shame because they’re a unique and inexpensive souvenir that you can buy everywhere. Buying postcards in every city that you visit won’t cost a lot of money, and this is a creative way to keep track of all those dreamy destinations that you’ve visited.

Travel Journal

Writing a travel journal is a unique way of recording your adventures because you can write about your experiences, but also collect maps, photos, and other important documents from your travels.