How to Do Christmas Markets Without Breaking a Bank

Christmas market at Dome Square, Riga, Latvia.
Christmas market at Dome Square, Riga, Latvia. Photo by Daniels Joffe on Unsplash

Christmas markets are all fun and games until you check your wallet at the end of the night and realize you spent far more money than you planned to. If you’re looking for a way to enjoy them without breaking a bank, these money-saving tips will get you there.

Have a Budget

You’re setting yourself up for a financial failure if you don’t have a budget in mind when doing your Christmas market shopping. Impulse purchases are common when the holiday spirit gets a hold of you, but knowing exactly how much money you can spend will help you make better choices.

Look Around

Before buying anything, just walk around the Christmas market and give yourself enough time to discover everything it has in store. In addition to being fun, this approach will give you enough time to ask around about prices and pick the best and most affordable things to shop for.

Save On Food

Trying food is one of the most fun parts of visiting Christmas markets, but this experience comes with a high price tag. That’s why you shouldn’t go overboard with food and drinks, and only try ones that you really like or can’t buy anywhere else but here.