Experience The Flavor of Vietnam In Hanoi’s Old Quarter

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Hanoi’s Old Quarter is a gateway into the French and communist history of Vietnam, combined with the authentic Vietnamese flavor. Yes, it’s a little touristy, but there are still ways you can experience the “real” Vietnam in this buzzing quarter.

Chat in English With The Locals

If you walk by the lake in Old Quarter, you will meet many young locals who are keen to practice their English with travelers. Get chatting and you might just make a friend.

Eat Pho

When in Vietnam, eat where the locals eat. Find a bustling food joint with plastic chairs that spill onto the streets. This is a charming place to experience your first authentic Pho.

Do A Walking Tour

If you want to know about the Old Quarter from a local’s point of view, ask a local. The best way to experience this part of Hanoi is by foot.


Visit the Temple of Literature

Visit Vietnam’s first national university, built back in 1070. The temple is featured on the 100,000 Vietnamese đồng banknote and is absolutely worth a visit.

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🇻🇳The temple of literature🇻🇳 Mentioning about Hanoi, what comes first to tourists's mind is the first historical university of the capital and also the nation- Van Mieu Quoc Ti Giam. Besides its foremost meaning, Van Mieu is also the place to worship Confucius, setting doctor steles. Youngsters and youth always come here to pray for success by touching the rock tortoises’ head before any examinations, cause it is believed to be very lucky. Van Mieu is a tourist magnet for both domestic and foreign tourists and it is also a favorite place for Hanoi cultural activities to honor outstanding students. The Temple of Literature is one of Hanoi's attractions and you should visit when traveling to Hanoi. ♦️「ハノイに来たら是非ここを見ろ!」と言われる場所の1つが、ベトナムで最も古い大学が置かれていた「文廟」。儒教の開祖である「孔子」を祀る文廟が1070年に建立されました。ベトナム人も外国人も引きつけている観光地だけではなく、優秀な学生を称える活動がよく行われる場所です。文廟に大きな池が広がっており、その両脇に石で使われる82基もの「進士題名碑」が連なっています。石碑は亀を模した台座である「亀趺(きふ)」に乗っているのですが、それぞれ形や表情が絶妙に異なっています。ハノイの受験生は試験前に必ずお参りに行くという、ベトナム屈指の合格祈願スポットです。 ♦️一想到河内,很多人都会想起文庙-国子监-越南的第一所大学,也是。文庙建于公元 1070 年,是由越南李朝皇帝李圣宗在升龙京城 ( 今河内 )敕建的为了崇拜孔子,学者和圣人,这座建筑保存的很完好,是河内的一个标志性建筑。这里吸引了大批国内外朋友前来参观,也是河内文化活动向优秀学生致敬的最佳场所。在参加任何考试之前,考生们总会前来文庙祭拜孔子,祈求好运,他们相信摸石龟可以带来好运气。文庙是河内游客最多的景点之一,所以来了河内而错过文庙就很可惜咯! ♦️베트남 최초의 대학으로도 알려진 이곳은 1070년 공자와 그의 제자들을 기리기 위해 처음 세워졌으며, 이후 베트남 최초의 유학자로 알려진 주반안의 상까지 모셔져 명실상부한 베트남 유학의 본상지라 할 수 있다. 문묘의 핵심은 공자의 위패를 모신 대성전이지만. 베트남 관광객들의 더 큰 관심을 받는 것은 정원에 들어선 82개의 거대한 거복이 받침 석비다.여기에는 리왕조 때부터 3년마다 치러진 과거에서 탁월한 낸 졸업생 1307명의 이름과 생년월일, 업적이 기록돼 있는데, 이 비석을 만지는 사람은 시험은 시험에서 좋은 결과를 수 있다는 믿음이 전해져 내려오며서 수많은 수험자들이 이곳을 방문하고 있다.

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Explore Dong Xuan Market

Lose yourself in Dong Xuan Market, but don’t lose your wits. Be confident with your bargaining skills and enjoy the oldest traditional local market of Hanoi.