How to Find Affordable Accommodation in Oslo, Norway

Oslo is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian capitals, but a stay in this city doesn’t come cheap. Here’s where you should look if you’re trying to find affordable accommodation in the capital of Norway.


Cheap hostels in Oslo are extremely difficult to find. You’ll have to cash out at least $30-$40 per night for a bed in a dorm room, which is twice as expensive than the majority of other European cities.


If you’re hoping to find a cheaper option on Airbnb, you’re up for a disappointment. Private rooms usually start at around $30, plus service and cleaning fees, and you’ll have to spend much more if you want a private apartment.

Free Stay

If you can’t imagine yourself spending this much money on a trip, considering finding a free stay on Couchsurfing. Workaway is also an option if you want to stick around in Olso for a month or two, and don’t mind exchanging work for accommodation.