How to Have a Better Experience at Baggage Claim

Baggage Claim
Photo by Rach Teo on Unsplash

After getting through security, waiting at the terminal, and sitting for hours in seats with next to no legroom, we can’t exactly say we look forward to standing around at baggage claim, too. Once in a while, we get lucky, and locating our suitcases is quick and easy, but in general, it feels a bit like climbing a mountain after scaling a cliff. If you can relate to the struggle, read on for a few ways to streamline the baggage claim process so you can get on with enjoying your trip. 

Check Your Bags Late

Arriving at the airport a few hours in advance is a useful travel tip most of the time, but when it comes to checking luggage, earlier is not necessarily better. In fact, bags that are placed onto the conveyor belt first are often last to be unloaded when the plane reaches its destination. If you’re hoping for your bags to show up quickly on the carousel, it may be better to check them closer to your departure time. That said, don’t push it too late, or you may miss your flight.

Choose Distinct Luggage

Opting for suitcases in bright colors or patterns can save you time at baggage claim by allowing you to identify your luggage more easily. Colors like navy and black may look nice, but they’re a dime a dozen on most carousels and can be a challenge to differentiate from one another at a distance. Choosing unique luggage also reduces the chances that it’ll accidentally get taken by another passenger.

Use Luggage Trackers

Use technology to your advantage by attaching Bluetooth trackers such as Apple AirTags to your suitcases before you check them. Heaven forbid they don’t make it to the carousel, you’ll be able to figure out their location and take appropriate action instead of waiting around hoping that they show up.